My name is Obinna and my brother’s name is Chike, we are only two in our house as we grew up we both loved each other very well and we do everything together. When I was 17 years old our parents died, leaving us with so many challenges, we started hulking on the streets of Owerri, which helped my brother to sponsor my education.

We later got married to beautiful wives, my elder brother bore a son “Bernard” and I a daughter “Tessy”. After two years my brother fell seriously ill and we took him to so many hospital but the sickness became severe, he called me and ask me to promise him that I will take care of his family for him which I did promise him. Two days later he gave up the ghost.

After his burial I started taking care of his wife and son for years, without negative thoughts. Last two years ago my wife started accusing me of having an affair with my late brother’s wife which I was not, I was just only keeping my promise to my brother. After some months my wife left me and my daughter and went back to her father’s house, I begged and begged her to come back but she refused so I took my daughter to my late brother’s wife to care for which she accepted happily. To assist her, I visit them every day after work.

One day after 6 month my wife left me I visited my late brother’s wife and on seeing me off to my car something shocking happened- We looked into each other’s eyes, suddenly we fell into a deep kiss which hunted us for some months, unable to control our emotions  we became madly in love and started dating. Now that the suspicious candle have been ignited we want to keep the flame burning, apart from what people, neighbors and family members will say our fear is will there be consequences,  please we solemnly need your  advice.


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