Should I Give In To What My Lecturer Wants?



Should I Give In To What My Lecturer Wants?


My name is Rose, I am a 20 years old final year student of Mass communication in one of the university in Nigeria. I wrote this because I am encountering a problem with my Lecturer and I need your advice in other to get out of this unpleasant situation.

There is this lecturer in my department, please I will not mention his name for security reasons, he has approach me several time, but I keep telling him that I am engage with someone else. He was never satisfied with the answer I gave to him. Rather he vows not to let me drink water and drop the cup until he deflowers me because I have once told him that I am a virgin.

Unfortunately, I am among the students he is supervising for project, and he has refused to register my name. He said “He will never attend to me until I make love to him”.

I have thought of how my finance would feel and how bad it will be for me to loss my dignity to a married lecturer, and how irresponsible my life will be if I do that, I have never found happiness since my lecturer told me that.


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