How Societal Value Deprive Women of Marriage


How Societal Value Deprive Women of Marriage

Chioma who is now 50 years old, without a husband in Lagos, accused Nigeria socio-cultural value to be responsible for her present predicament.

Irrespective of the mistakes she had made while she was young. In an exclusive chat with our team of journalists, she stated that Marriage value in Nigeria is unbalanced.

She said the men have more advantage than women, because men can always marry when they choose to, because they propose to women whereas women who are at their critical times in need of marriage cannot propose to a man.

She added this restriction imposed on women by Nigerian social values have left the rest of us unmarried.

But when asked if any man had approached her while she was young; she replied, I have always welcome suitors but we didn’t end up becoming married partners, because the value system has placed it that way for women alone to receive suitor not men.

She conclusively said if women approach men, society labels them over ambitious and harlot but when men approach women society says it is a normal thing; what`s normal about women dying lonely without a marriage mate?

The next edition of this article will discuss what Miss Chioma intends to do.

What is your take on this matter; is there anything wrong with women proposing to men? Let us know in the comment box below.



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