President Muhammadu Buhari has finally given in to pressure from different quarters by replying the statements made recently by American Presidential Hopeful, Donald Trump concerning Nigerians.

Speaking to journalists in the United Arab Emirates, President Buhari had a simple reply to Donald Trump.

 “He says he will pursue all my people out of America. No problem. I wish him well at the forthcoming elections. But if he thinks he can threaten my people, then I don’t think he understands who I am and what I am capable of”. President Buhari told newsmen.
“He should go and ask the family of Umaru Dikko. he should ask the Mossad about me. If he threatens my people, how does he think the Americans in Nigeria will be safe?”
The President went on to issue a warning to all Americans resident in Nigeria, both on temporary and permanent basis.
“I hope all of you are praying this man loses. because if he wins, all of you, from embassy to the streets, will be sent home. And don’t discount the probability that your plane might not land exactly in America. That is all I can say for now”.
Donald Trump could not be reached for comments as at press time. However, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, both Democratic Hopefuls, and Dr. Ben Carson and Ted Cruz of the GOP, have reached out to President Buhari, reassuring him that if they win, none of Mr. Trump’s threats will come to fruition.


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