A Tragic love story


A Tragic love story

Benita and Godwin are engaged to be a married couple; they are in love with each other and are happy with each other.

Benita is a graduate from a loving and wealthy family while Godwin on the other hand is also from a wealthy family. Everything has been fixed and set for the great day.

One day when Benita was coming back from Godwin’s house at night. She was attacked on the road by some hoodlums and was gang-raped.

Every one heard the and was empathetic when they came on a visit. This incident delayed the wedding so it was extended for two months.

Godwin was so furious and he also understood that that everything that happened was not Benita‘s fault.

He wasn`t really happy but was pretending to be by letting the marriage arrangement to push through.

Then on the night before their wedding day he broke off from the relationship ruin everything, Benita is now in a very sad emotional state and need your help and advice.

Now she pops the question: what will I do: where will I go from here? Please help

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