5 secrets you never knew about men | For Women Only


According to relationship expert, dating coach and author of ‘Why hasn’t he called’, Matt Titus, there are many things women are yet to understand about men but here are  5 things you should know about them.

  1. Men are insecure: They are constantly worried about getting emotionally attached to the opposite sex out of fear of being left alone. They’ll rather opt for the physical attachment.
  2. Girls night out: Men think of many horrible things happening to their girlfriends whenever they are hanging out with friends. This explains the never ending phone calls when you are out at night.
  3. Men want to be monogamous: Yes, they really want to be monogamous with a secure, confident and mature woman who doesn’t depend on them for everything.
  4. Men are slower than women when it comes to emotional intimacy: A man will commit when he wants to.
  5. Opinions of their girlfriends/wives really matter: They might not do exactly as their partner says but they’ll keep whatever is said in mind.



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