100 $ AdSense day is not easy, but it is real!


100 $ AdSense day is not easy!

Earn $100, $200 or even $300 per day with Google AdSense is not that easy, but it is feasible. Many bloggers and site owners earn that ammounts of money per day. And if they can, then you are not an exception. The only thing you need is proper task planning, hard work and dedication and most importantly, passion and love for what you are doing, namely to your website, blog, topic or niche.

Before you begin doing calculations of traffic and earnings, let`s recall some terms for better understanding them. Having realized what each of these terms means you’ll be able to understand how to increase your earnings on the site.

What is AdSense: Contextual advertising network from Google. Webmasters can automatically publish relevant ads in their content and share the profits from clicks on advertising with Google. AdSense is very flexible automated system, kinds of advertisements can be following: – cost per click (CPC) cost per mille – advertisers pay for a click on their ads; cost per mille/thousans (CPM/CPT) – advertiser pays for showing their ads on your site. Venues can be selected by them automatically based on the keywords, sites, categories and demographic information;

The format of AdSense ads can be textual, graphics, animation and video. Clickability (CTR) of ad units can vary from 1-2% to 50-60%, depending on the theme of the site, its commercial orientation, the relevance of ads themselves.

CTR: abbreviation for Click-Through-Ratio. The ratio of the number of clicks on advertising materials or a link to the number of visitors to their shows. Expressed as a percentage. Suppose you show 3 AdSense ads on each page, your first view of the page is 3 hits.

CTR = clicks / ad impressions X 100. Suppose you get 5 clicks from 500 impressions, your CTR is 1% (5 / 500X100).

CPC: Cost-Per-Click — you get paid for clicks on ads. CPC is generally determined by advertisers. In some competitive niches, such as finance, marketing, Internet products, etc. advertisers are willing to pay more per click than within other niches.

CPM: CPM means — cost per thousand impressions banners (Cost Per 1000 Impressions). Sometimes advertisers choose CPM ads instead of CPC.

Earn $100 per day with Google AdSense.

For convenience, we assume that – you show AdSense ads on your blog or site. Your CTR is 1% and the average CPC of $ 0.25. This is achievable, and many bloggers as a rule tend to achieve this. For the calculation let`s take Viewing = Advertising.

In order to  earn $100 each day you need to get 4000 pageviews per day or 400 clicks per day:1% CTR and $0,25 per click. For 40000 pageviews you have to publish 500 unique articles in the blog, each post has to attract at least 80 or more pageviews per day.

Apart from CPC you also will receive CPM from your immpressions. Despite from within every niche an average earnings for 1000 immpressions comprises from $1 till $1,5. You can earn from $40 till $60 per day easily, on the assumption of 4000 pageviews.

Niche blogs with unique qualitative articles can also earn good money by promoting products or services, or to make a reference links making product overviews annexing a link to a site where this product can be bought. We say that from $30 to $50 a day is also possible to earn. Now the total income per day is $100 + $40 + $10 + $30 = $180 from all of the above. I took the opportunity to earn income minimum from all four points.

$180 per day it`s $5400 per month (180х30=5400) or 64800$ per year (5400х12=64800). They`re quite real fugures, I think so.

A lot of people who manage to receive such moneny per day, or minimum $100, do it with Google AdSense, and the rest is as some extra assisstance to  AdSense.

Given results above are possible, if you publish at least 200-250 big and unique articles in your blog during two years.

So how much traffic you need in order to earn $100 a day with Google AdSense?  I think everyone needs their own.  What do you think?


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